PM Modi gave great news on H1B visa, know what special facility you will get

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PM Modi gave great news on H1B visa, know what special facility you will get
As per the latest Gujarat news, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced some good news for Gujaratis during his visit to the US. PM Modi has announced that Indians can now renew their H1B visa in the US. This announcement is expected to benefit a large number of Indians who work in the US on an H1B visa.
The H1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows companies in the US to employ foreign workers in specialty occupations. The visa is valid for three years and can be extended for another three years. However, until now, Indian visa holders had to return to India to renew their visa, which often led to long waiting periods and caused inconvenience.
The announcement by PM Modi is expected to ease the process of renewing H1B visas for Indians living in the US. This will not only save time and money but also reduce the stress and uncertainty associated with visa renewal.
The H1B visa is a popular choice among Indian professionals looking to work in the US. It is estimated that around 70% of all H1B visas are issued to Indians. The visa is particularly popular among those working in the IT industry.
PM Modi's announcement has been welcomed by the Indian community living in the US. Many see it as a sign of the strong relationship between India and the US and a boost for the Indian economy.
Overall, this is a positive development for Gujaratis and Indians in the US. It will make it easier for them to work and live in the US, and contribute to the growth of both economies.