Own a Piece of History: Eloy Room's Lionel Messi Game-Worn Jersey

Want to get your hands on a genuine Lionel Messi game-worn jersey? Look no further than Eloy Room, who already has one in his collection. Learn how you can add this impressive piece of soccer history to your own collection.

Own a Piece of History: Eloy Room's Lionel Messi Game-Worn Jersey
If you're a fan of Lionel Messi and want to own a piece of his game-worn memorabilia, you might be out of luck. But there's one person who's already got his hands on a Messi jersey, and that's Eloy Room.
Room is a goalkeeper for the Columbus Crew and played against Messi during a friendly match between the Netherlands and Argentina in 2014. After the game, Messi swapped shirts with Room, leaving him with a priceless souvenir.
The jersey is a blue Argentina national team shirt, adorned with Messi's number 10 on the back and his name emblazoned across the shoulders. It's a unique piece of sports history, and Room has kept it safe and sound in his collection.
For fans who want to own a piece of Messi's memorabilia, there are other options available. Messi's various clubs sell official merchandise, including signed jerseys, boots, and other accessories. Some auction houses also sell game-worn jerseys and other items used by the superstar.
But for Room, his Messi jersey is undoubtedly one of his most prized possessions. It serves as a reminder of the time he played against one of the greatest footballers of all time and got to swap shirts with him at the end of the game.
So if you're ever in Columbus and run into Eloy Room, make sure to ask him about his Messi jersey. It's a piece of sports history that any football fan would be envious of.